Sara Taglialagamba, International Center for the Studies and Documentation of Leonardo Da Vinci

Castelfranco di Sotto, 5 gennaio 2017

As a researcher of Leonardo Da Vinci, art historian, Assistant to professor Carlo Pedretti and collaborator of The Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci in Florence of Gabriele Niccolai, I certify not only the full scientific and organization of the entire project but also the passion, dedication and determination which characterizes the Cultural Association “Leonardo Da Vinci Art and Projects” masterfully led by Ms. Maria Gabriella Capizzi.

During these years, the difficult task of running a Museum and its cultural initiatives has been bravely carried on flawlessly by the Association and its staff not only setting up a show with interactive machines reproduced from Leonardo’s drawings but also by organizing events, conferences and meetings of high cultural and scientific value, like the involvement of Professor Carlo Pedretti, the world’s most famous scholar of Leonardo Da Vinci.

I personally commend the task of promoting the Renaissance Genius and the Genius of Syracuse in a serious and honorable mode, and to contribute significantly to the dissemination of teaching the thought of Leonardo himself, as well as that of Archimedes and to become servants of culture in order to fully donate to a wide audience.

Therefore, this is my letter of support and thumbs up to continue the outstanding work to promote, enhance and make available to everyone what is Italy’s most precious jewel, our culture.

Sara Taglialagamba