Orazio Licandro

Dear Ms Capizzi,

The Department for knowledge and cultural Beauty of the municipality of Catania, in pride of having shared the cultural value of the exhibition from her proposal entitled “Through the journey of Leonardo’s Machines”, which took place with wide public consensus at the former convent of San Placido from 5 December 2013 to 15 February 2014.

We Thank you for the opportunity you have given the city of Catania to admire the jewels of technology and science designed and delivered by a great man like Leonardo, defined in his time as extravagant and visionary.

A journey through the thirty-five machines on display, all operating and manufactured by The Niccolai Family and presented as jewels, faithfully reproduced on the study and designs of excellence of the genius. The exhibition, thanks to her determination and strong experience, has been already tested in the city of Taormina and Known, after traveling around the world, giving the visitors a blast from the past for both the instrumentation and for the setting created leaving a common denominator culture that is, how to live and let live culture; not simple enjoyment but love is present in every detail and evident in the care, as evident from the strong passion She expressed.

Its principal purpose is to educate visitors to the natural beauty, optimize it so, it can become a people’s civil and moral redemption; educate to acknowledge is the purpose we encountered in the organization of the exhibition, and with delight, positive perspective to develop a new language aimed, above all, to the involvement of schools.

Prof. Orazio Licandro