Mario Bevacqua, Presidente UFTAA (United Federation of Travel Agents’Associations)

The exhibit that recently has been presented in Syracuse, with the success and the positive feedback received from all the visitors has caused us to urge your administration to consider the establishment for a permanent Museum of Leonardo and Archimedes in Ortigia.

Why Syracuse? The tourist flow registered in the years 2013-2014-2015 in the city of Syracuse, has been the spotlight especially for cultural tourism. The appreciation for the most famous Syracusan citizen “Archimedes”, by the Association of Leonardo Da Vinci Art and Projects is definitely a good omen and valid foundation for a permanent exhibition on the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Those findings are supported by positive feedbacks which were recorded with the tourist flow towards the city of Syracuse, which in a winning combination “Archimedes and Leonardo”, father and son, would further raise the destination interesting. Surely. merging the two Geniuses would make the city and destination even more attractive, as the city of science. Any additional source of attraction in line with the situation in Syracuse, could be an additional condition for increasing tourism in the city. In particular, a permanent Museum on Leonardo and Archimedes, might also be used to boost tourism on low season. Of course when the time comes if you do the above, this should be supported by a huge

promotional campaign. Our Federation, in its mission to promote the development of tourism, remains at the disposal of the Museum and the Association, represented by Maria Gabriella Capizzi and the city of Syracuse, to implement all actions for this purpose just like in the previous years.

Mario Bevacqua