The Skills of Today’s Entrepreneurs

Coaching,Learning, Acquisition and Knowledge. I think that among the indispensable skills for a manager is that you never stop, and finding a guide, can be a turning point in terms of learning. Always study, keep up to date and embrace any experience that may be of growth for our project. Never stop learning, always be open and search for new mentors and question their own approach, to change ourselves and to change the rules.

Great goals are achieved with the value of time that we spend in our business and the surrounding collaborations. In this sense it’s fundamental to be surrounded by people with who share the same theory. Expanding your circle of influence is good advice for anyone, but it becomes particularly important for a career women’s path, let’s face it, its not always based on the highest level of fairness. So it is important to create the ideal conditions for your success by acquiring skills in a broader environment of business.

Try to rely on the advice of our peers and if necessary, acquire the tools to track their own personal path to success. In general, which ever way we reach the creation of a business it becomes an important factor of success, its represented by the close interrelation between the technical and organizational skills and managing the interpersonal relationships that only the entrepreneur can assure.

In other words, a great executive must possess a solid base with technical training, develop personal characteristics such as the ability to extend and maintain good social relationships. Leadership, motivation, self-motivation, flexibility, imagination, problem solving, openness to change, self-confidence, accountability, ability to evaluate, risk taking and so on.

I like to consider myself endowed with superior wisdom, and create value for myself and others. Trying to offer the right knowledge and tools to stride with joy this generation, “surfing” among the opportunities that we have nowadays and be happy with work and in our social life. Enlightened entrepreneurship means that in this era we can also use knowledge considered almost “mystical” a true “Aladdin’s Lamp.”

At times I have a magical sensation, I am a Buddhist and I work in a 432 Hz frequency. Its difficult to explain, but the element that I possess is to convey positive feelings and to have a constant conversation with the universe, which sends back, what I ask. Our inner instinct and soul leads us to embrace this important frequency. Many do not know that even in Ancient Egypt the instruments were accorded to a 432 Hz frequency, and not only that, even Ancient Greece took it into consideration. I apply this in my work and in my life everyday.