The Project’s Philanthropy

Today, women who are dedicated to entrepreneurship are definitely on the increase compared to the past. And as a woman manager of my structure, I am seeing an increase where women hold important positions in the executive world, these goals are particularly dear to me. I will not dwell on the cold numbers that are the mirror of a society where women ask and achieve bigger spaces, and that’s because I believe that beyond the figures of the “square meters,” its the heart that counts. That is the feminine DNA that makes us so unique, just like our businesses.

Two thirds of women for example, believe that they have broken the crystal roof and, unlike men, are not only interested in the opportunities but also, and above all the legacy to be left to entrepreneurs and businesswomen of tomorrow.

In one of his notebooks Leonardo Da Vinci wrote: “I will leave a memory in the minds of others” what is the point of an anonymous passage on this earth? We have to leave traces, examples and live forever. And this concretely translates for example, in the involvement of the younger generation in a productive, social and cultural process.

Innovation is done with the powerful stimulus. In this perspective it is therefore really important for me to activate myself in the change of society. I consider myself a Philanthropist and not only with regards to the financing of my project, but in a perspective of true entrepreneurial spirit, I would like to be an example for many women.

I believe in the fact that empathy, the instinct material inscribed in the females DNA is that it allows women to create business, generate value at each level so when women reach success it’s a victory for everyone and it would also be for me.

The action of the humanitarian moves within the horizon of generosity and the desire to show that every woman is capable of being such, regardless of her past.

Women represent a significant driving force for renewal. It was not easy to be empowered in our role and overcome prejudices and obstacles. So in such a delicate and precious moment of great awareness, I would like to be able to give my contribution and convey to women my message through my work, proving that the most difficult goals are achieved with dedication, tenacity and constantly continue to dream big and bringing the bar of ambition close to perfection.