The Courage of The Impossible

by Maria Gabriella Capizzi

Director of the Museum Leonardo Da Vinci and Archimedes of Syracuse, Italy

It’s already been nine years, but I remember everything as if it were yesterday. It was 2009, it was the year in which I decided to promote the culture of Leonardo da Vinci and specially in Sicily. It was a long, complex and beautiful journey. Alive with emotions, enthusiasm and so much energy over the course of three years.

The long journey from Tuscany, where the International Museum of the Machines of Leonardo da Vinci, to Sicily, Noto, Taormina and Catania, was a true adveture. It’s path, of amazement and enchantment, stopped in Syracuse in 2014.

Captured by the artistic and archaeological splendor of the city, as a homeric lure of the sirens, I decided to lower anchor here, in the beautiful Island of Ortigia in 2014, within an edifice dating back to the 700’s, the former Ex-Convent of the Retreat. An exhibit of Leonardo’s models along with the Archimedean models now stand, emphasizing the great debt that Leonardo Da Vinci has towards Archimedes, an initiative to revitalize the whole city with a definite itinerary.

At this point the picture of my life begins its course, a life nurtured by art.

A real mission for me.

My daughter Serena, can only breathe this passion, by being by my side in the management of this project and increase her entrepreneurship for art and culture, just like myself.

Just like the many women, with a mind, heart and courage. So much courage, the courage to dare and to test themselves. To challenge everything and everyone to achieve the impossible. It’s not a coincidence that the associates of the museum are all women, many of them over 50. Our relationship is built on esteem, competence but also of complicity. The virtues of a determined woman.

A precious testimony, if ever there be a need, a women at any age, is capable to embrace their lives and also that of an innovative museum.  Accessible to the vision impaired, through a palpable path dedicated to them, and with a space reserved to the youngest of children, the didactic project

“W Leonardo”.  I would like for all women, to understand that achieving great goals is possible. At any age. With any previous experience. You just have to desire it and have confidence in your courage. To be personally involed in a project, not only the financial aspect, above all in a perspective of true entrepreneurial spirit, and in search for solid figures for the solution of problems and sharing the same enthusiasm for a cause, my belief is that Philanthropists can provide valuable impulses for solving problems.  If we refer to Philanthropy, as women well know, the undisputed advocates of the commitment and benefits. The phenomenon is fascinating and intricate.

The last decade shows a growth in the number of women who have a marked interest and considerable sensitivity towards the development of innovative social and cultural projects. Those who initially envisioned it as an interlude and best practices, have led to a cascade effect.  A progressive sensibility and an increasingly important and illustrious number of advocates eager to play a decisive and positive role in society.  In the last few years many new foundations established by women are on the rise. Their origins are extremely variable, women entrepreneurs, writers, judges, housewives.

All united by the decisive desire to be a driving force of the great social changes underway.