Giuseppe Rosano, Presidente of Noi Albergatori Siracusa

Siracusa, 24 Gennaio 2016

Dear Ms Maria Gabriella Capizzi,

We are pleased to learn of your initiative designed to enhance the figure of the illustrious fellow citizen Archimedes, within the Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci in Syracuse.

The link between the two great geniuses Archimedes and Leonardo Da Vinci project cannot help but enrich, through your admirable Museum activities, the promotion and preservation of the archaeological, historical, artistic, cultural, scientific and literary that’s present in our city. On several occasions we had the opportunity to express the appreciation of our Association for the worthwhile work you have done in recent years in regards of the enhancement of the destination Syracuse.

Recently our collaboration to strengthen and to develop, together, marketing and promotion, aimed at improving our tourist reception area, with the goal to increase the number of admissions from our community and boost the average stay of two days, in our city.

In this regard, we reaffirm our willingness to improve the production of all printed and electronic communication material necessary, Museum initiatives, striving to disseminate within the structures of the territory, all the promotional illustrations that will be produced and finalized. We are convinced that the acknowledged reputation of the two famous and brilliant characters such as Archimedes and Leonardo Da Vinci whose generated work is appreciated worldwide. Their creations which are represented and featured within your Museum will certainly add value to all those who choose a cultural vacation. A sure and qualifying draw to attract more tourists in our city.

Giuseppe Rosano