Giancarlo Garozzo

Unesco has included Syracuse in the World Heritage List as “World Heritage”. This recognition was not a point of arrival but a point of departure, for the development of growth, on the core of culture, architectural heritage and natural beauty. Syracuse is a large container of history, available to our large tourist flow.

In a recent opinion poll, the Greek Theatre of Syracuse was recognized as being in second position to the Arena of Verona as being an outdoor theater, confirming the great potential of heritage and monuments of our city. A heritage not only to protect but also to be enhanced through its use as a cultural center. A heritage not only to protect but also to be enhanced through its use as a cultural center. This result shows that our choice to continue the artistic season with the classics, we have also suggested a lyrical season.

When visiting Syracuse, besides the history, heritage and the monuments, the natural beauty of the island and it’s sea and offering substantial programs of events and first class museums. It is decisive that all this happens for a reason and even in the name of Archimedes, it is the best part of our great

and ancient tradition: this is to make us aware of our past and to stimulate us with choices and initiatives worthy of those ancestors who helped write the history of the Western world.

The cultural connection with Leonardo makes his teaching even more actual, their own exhibition will allow visitors to peer into tangible evidence immediately between the mechanical affinity found in projects of the two geniuses. After the closing of the Arkimedeion Museum, Syracuse was deprived of an exhibition focusing on the figure of the moment, his most illustrious fellow citizen, an opportunity that we hope will become permanent.

Giancarlo Garozzo,
Mayor of Siracusa