Franco Buzzanca, Production Director for Teatro Stabile of Catania

Producing an exhibition, where the protagonists are immortal characters with their immortal works, is fascinating.

The President of the Association “Leonardo Da Vinci Art and Projects” Maria Gabriella Capizzi, in collaboration with the International Museum of Florence, asked to meet with me to propose my collaboration on a project.

A woman with very definite and concrete ideas, she showed up saying I wanted to tell you about a dream never realized in Sicily.

Fascinated by the great genius Leonardo Da Vinci, she decided to spread the science of the Grandmaster in Sicily. The exhibition includes a rare collection of designs and projects of Leonardo, a rich prototype reconstructed with pinpoint accuracy from projects never made by the great master and many other evidences of science and art. Her wish was to present the exhibition in various sites, with technical support so as to create an atmosphere of mystery and magic, in order to excite the visitor and lead to a Renaissance thought. Scenic structures, light, shade, clothing and music.

Tenacity, strength and enthusiasm to expose myself to this project, confirmed how much Sicilian capability is needed to give our Sicily the strength to emerge more and more. So stimulated by so much positivity I named the project “A voyage through Leonardo’s Machines” ( title back then), under the supervision of Pietrangelo Buttafuoco and the CDA, giving it my approval; thereby obtaining the Patronage of the authority and the ability to create, with the assistance of technical specialists of the lab and technicians of the set design of the Teatro Stabile of Catania, and the exhibition designs of the museums in various sites in Sicily, as planned by the Presidente Capizzi.

The first stop in the city of Netina, sponsored by the municipality, gets to exhibit at the Palazzo Trigona. A large fluency of schools and tour groups have demonstrated a great interest by the exhibit.

Finished the contract with Noto and Taormina, in the quality of Mayor Eligio Giardina, the other site to apply for the exhibition. A prestigious location, with the accreditation of Tao-Art and Ninni Panzera, After Taormina, Catania was an exhilarating experience. Sponsored by the Municipality of Catania, and councilor of culture and the approval of the Cavaliere Maina, known master of ceremonies of S. Agata celebrations in Catania, the President gets exposure site and spaces at the Palace of culture. The city has great interest and the schools reserved for an educational tour of great cultural significance.

At the end of the period, she finally got the chance to bring to reality more of her dream: an exhibition space in the historic Ortigia. The town looks at a number of sites, but what strikes Maria Gabriella is the prestigious ex Convent of Retreat and sponsored by the city of Syracuse, developing a new project even more exciting. With the scientific research and studies of Professor Carlo Pedretti, expert on Leonardo, the Museum Director raises a new concept of reinterpreting the life and works of the Tuscan

genius, and betting on a new cultural assessment, a great synergy between the scientist Leonardo and the great mathematician and inventor Archimedes.

A project to analyze attentively. To combine the two great fathers of science with their testimonies, their art and their culture. The President has concrete ideas, implementing them involves a lot of effort. We walk in sync with “the great”. It will be a great experience!

Franco Buzzanca