Over 60 machines, interactive models and workshops for children. In the heart of the island of Ortigia, you can touch the inventions of the two Geniuses, Leonardo da Vinci and Archimedes from Syracuse. A journey through a unique location, the Ex-Convent of the Retreat, home of Leonardo da Vinci and Archimedes Museum. The exhibition boasts a large collection of Leonardo and Archimedes machines, faithfully reconstructed on the basis of the Vincian Codes. In the large spaces of the museum you can admire and touch the works, the mechanisms, and understand how they work and to go through the history of science firsthand. Also significant is the Collection of Anatomy Studies, which testify the Tuscan Genius’ obsession with the mechanics of the human body.


In the museum, illustrious space for the scientist: Archimedes. The Syracusan Genius, here, enters in conversation with his natural Tuscan Heir. Several inventions of Archimedes are exhibited, to name a few the Scale, the Spiral and the Principle of Leverage.


A passage through the museum that is precise and studied in detail that compares and speculate, in contact, Leonardo and Archimedes, two pillars of science united by the love for knowledge and understanding.


The Museum of Leonardo and Archimedes Syracuse was also born for children, with the project “W Leonardo”. 

Children from 3 to 12 years old, have the opportunity to understand the raw materials that make up the machines, the basic operations of mechanics, the elements of physics and scientific disciplines.


In the space dedicated to educational workshops, the manual activities are aimed at young and old, with the reconstruction of the models on display and in the freedom to draw and sketch what they have seen, following in the footsteps of Leonardo and his careful observation of the nature that surrounded him.


The Leonardo da Vinci and Archimedes Museum is accessible even to the vision impaired. A tactile path that ensures the exploration of the machines. “You can see with your hands.” The reconstructed machines facilitate tactile and sensory exploration, teaching to correctly “touch” all the details of the mechanisms of the machines. 


A museum without barriers, because art in all of its forms must be accessible to all. The museum is located in the oldest part of the City of Archimedes, in one of the most significant palaces on the island, the Ex-Convent of the Retreat, in Ortigia. 


Internally the book-shop is full of publications to deepen the knowledge of the two Geniuses, and gadgets available to those who want to take home a lively and evocative memory of the visit to the Museum of Science and Technology of Syracuse.