Jan 16 Dr. Salvatore Noè, Psychologist – family psychotherapist –family mediator – expert in educational processes. Registered psychologists and psicoteurapeutic for the Region of Sicily. Expert on social psychology at the University “Kore” in Enna

Object: Educational Project “Leonardo Da Vinci”

The educational project “Leonardo Da Vinci” is a great opportunity to educate and inform students about how to turn creative intelligence, through comparisons that promote or consolidate skills in teens.

The testimony of the work done during these years and with my cooperation on the road-shows at institutes of Catania, have allowed me to understand the importance of the project and the vision of the children’s participation in the various meetings, with questions of curiosity and useful reflections. All this has helped to enrich their experience making real personal growth and social comparisons.

The teaching methods perform the following main functions:

Cognitive function: opening paths (of discovery and understanding of realty, of technological research, cultural development, etc.)

Training-educational function: to create and discover talents, skills, abilities, attitudes

Instrumental function: they represent a tool for the achievement of learning objectives.

Regulatory function: indicate how the educational process must evolve; as you should get the expected results; How to reach the best productivity, what are the ways to achieve the goals etc.

In particular, the “Leonardo Project” aims to stimulate the creative intelligence being very useful for dealing with multiple skills, the working world and studies.

Creativity is a term indicating generically art or cognitive ability of the mind to create and invent. Leonardo Da Vinci from this point of view was a great master in activating the 9 major factors of creative intelligence: special sensitivity to problems, ability to produce ideas, flexibility, originality in design, synthesis, analytical skills, ability to define and structure their experiences and knowledge in a new way. The problem of creativity sparked interest in contemporary psychology, which considers the creative abilities characteristic of talented people and the need to teach kids how to stimulate their creativity and how to best use their mental attitudes.

That’s why I believe that the project “Leonardo Da Vinci” is a great opportunity for students to be able to, through the example of the great master and manage to seize those items to enhance their lives.

Dr. Salvo Noé