Costanza Messina

Noto, 17 gennaio 2017

Object: Exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci in Noto, at palazzo Trigona, sala Gagliardi 2013.

Dr. Constance Messina, born in Syracuse on 31.08.1979 and resident in Noto, expert for local marketing, local development, cultural planning and internationalization, as well as Deputy Mayor and Councillor for culture of the municipality of Noto from November 2011 to November 2013,


the quality of the organizational, promotional and exhibition dedicated to the machines of Leonardo Da Vinci, proposed, organized and managed by the Cultural Association “Leonardo Da Vinci Art and Projects” and was held in Noto from April 5 to June 30, 2013

In particular, it notes the organizational capacity of the exhibition, including with respect to the adaptation of the locations offered by the institution for such purposes. Noting the quality of the work both technically, functionally with excellent aesthetics, combined with a promotional and managerial capacity and quality demonstrated the initial organizational phase as to the duration for the related skills to the project.

The exhibition, thanks to the cultural value of Leonardo Da Vinci’s character and professionalism of human resources of the Association, together with the mentioned features, represented the town of Noto and the South Eastern Sicily with a prestigious cultural event, making it a reason to travel. Its strength is in the cultural tourist attraction but also educational and training throughout the National and Regional territories.

With reference to the activities carried out by the Cultural Association “Leonardo Da Vinci Art and Projects” and strengthened by direct knowledge through the experience of quality and ability of its management, it is considered that the intentional design of the same proposal to the city of Syracuse and aimed at enhancing the interesting link between historical and scientific figures of Leonardo and Archimedes. Through a cultural project that could, first, revive and promote the figure of the famous Syracusan citizen and on the other hand, link the two great Geniuses of the Western culture. Representing the city of Syracuse and the entire region with an excellent cultural and tourist attraction, offering the city and South Eastern Sicily, as well as the entire island, an appealing and new innovative channel of culture.

Dr. Costanza Messina