W Leonardo!


“W Leonardo”, is an educational project, aimed for children from ages 3 to 12, thanks to the collaboration between the Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Interactive Models of Florence, and the psychology of a Professor. The aim of the project is to create an image of the museum being innovative and fun, the restriction of “Do Not Touch” falls in the name of interactivity. The sound of the machines in operation, the laughter of children and the astonishment of adults in being able to touch what is normally forbidden.

Here the little ones will understand the raw materials that make up the machines, the basic operation of the mechanics, the rudiments of physics and the scientific disciplines, not to forget the important approach with aerodynamics, of which Leonardo is the father.

Laboratories, manual activities, addressed to young and old, are reflected in the reconstruction of models on display, largely reduced in scale, in the freedom of being able to draw and sketch out what they saw, following in the footsteps of Leonardo and his careful observation of nature that surrounded him. Entirely handmade models are the witness to the continuity of the old-age Florentine crafts ; the family management of the Niccolai collection commemorates the historic artisan workshops, operates with pride in the city of Florence.

The training takes the form of a multidisciplinary learning, quick and immediate, thanks to the interactivity of the machines on display.

Schoolchildren and visitors are invited to test the working of the machinery designed by Leonardo directly on the models, observing how the ease of movement is related to a complex set of gears, honoring the design skills of the genius. The workshops becomes the drawings of Leonardo in a game, accessible to all, which at the same time becomes learning.

The didactics and hands -on coincide not only in the laboratories, but is the strength that exposes and tends to stand out through interactivity. Leonardo Da Vinci continues to amaze us, what better opportunity to touch the genius who has impressed humanity with his creativity.